We are a family that enjoys working together!  None of us could create our apps alone, we all need one another!


“Dad”: This is the most important person of our team because he works 9 hours a day, bringing home a steady paycheck!  He is a design engineer, working in the plastic extrusion industry.


“Mom”: She keeps everyone going with cooking. laundry, and cleaning.  (Oh yes, she also does graphic design, content creation, editing, 3D modeling, and encouragement!) Interestingly enough, she programmed for the Apple Newton when she was at Washington State University — that means she’s really old!


“Sister”: She’s my sister.  My little sister.  She does what I tell her.  Sometimes!  She is just getting into 3D sculpting.  My favorite thing she sculpts is cookies, cakes, and pies!  But, I’ll have to admit, she did a good job on Mister Rob B. Pigeon for our Pigeonhole Game, and Mr. Bob B. Bumble for our BumbleBoard Game.  She also helps Mom with content creation and graphic design advice.  


“Me”: I’m the programmer and a junior in high school.  I really enjoy programming!  In eighth grade I had a very patient, cool teacher who taught me a lot about programming.  Then I learned the Swift programming language in my free time, using lessons from Code With Chris (which I highly recommend).   And, no, my real name is not Bobby Sinclusto, but I’ll answer to it!