BumbleBoard - a Jumbo Letter Dice Board Game for 2 or more people.

BumbleBoard provides you with all the game-box type components; you provide the pencil, paper and players!  

BumbleBoard is a solution for those struggling to find a balance between electronic devices and “old-fashioned” non-electronic fun!  You use your electronic device, as well as plain old pencil, paper and conversation!  

BumbleBoard is for 2 or more players.  It is a Pencil-And-Paper style game where you use your iPad or iPhone as the board that everyone gathers around.  Each person uses their own paper and pencil to write down as many words as they can make from the 25 letter-dice grid.  If you have ever played Boggle, it is very similar, but contains more dice, and there is ALWAYS a wild dice somewhere on the board!  And, the Q is never without its U!  A five minute timer is built in.

We hope you have lots of happy times playing BumbleBoard with family and friends!

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